Best Islamic Financial Institutions Awards Submission

Entry Preparation

Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the 2024 review process.

Global Finance maintains best journalistic practices to protect the confidentiality of information supplied. Any information provided that is not appropriate for the public domain should be clearly identified in a separate section of the entry.

Please provide concise information in the following areas:

  • Volume, market share and geographic coverage – submit data to describe the scale of your Islamic financial operations, including any league tables or other comparisons with competitors.
  • Financial strength and security – please provide data demonstrating the institution’s financial strength, security and longevity, such as your latest financial data, annual reports and latest financial statements.
  • Commitment to the business – submit data on the numbers of employees dedicated to Islamic Financing and capabilities in specific products.
  • Technology – examples of leading-edge technology deployment.
  • Range of products and innovation.
  • Fees, profits and return on assets.

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