Innovators Submission

Global Finance invites entrants to make their case by citing specific innovations and describing the culture of process by which they support breakthrough thinking and new solutions. Specific innovations could fall into any of the four categories of innovations as defined by the OECD’s Oslo criteria: Product Innovation (a good or service that is new or significantly improved), Process Innovation (a new or significantly improved product or delivery method), Marketing Innovation (a new marketing method involving significant changes in product design or packaging, product placement, product promotion or pricing) or Organisational Innovation (a new or better approach to business practices, workplace organsation or external relations).

Please provide the following details for EACH innovative product/service/program separately.

  1. Name of Innovation
  2. Date of launch or implementation
  3. An innovation must be new in some way, a first. In a single sentence that uses the word “first”, describe how this innovation is new and in what context.
  4. Additional details supporting the above statement. How does this disrupt the status quo? What problem does it solve? Does it challenge existing models and incumbents, offering new solutions or approaches to old problems? Does it leverage emerging technologies in a novel and impactful way? Does it simplify financial processes, save time and money, and offer a better user experience? Does it cater to individual needs and preferences, offering customised products and services?
  5. The story behind the innovation. How did the idea come up? What was the inspiration? What adjustments were made along the way? How did the organisation deploy resources or structure workflow to support this project? Which departments were involved? What clients or partners were involved?
  6. Idea champions (if applicable) – Were there individuals in the organisation who played key roles in shepherding the project through?
  7. Please repeat steps 1 through 6 for each individual innovation.

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