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Global Finance is now making complete digital editions of each new issue available to all visitors. These editions include all editorial and advertising content exactly as it appears in the printed version.
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COP28: A crucial waypoint in the Race to Zero

On 30 November, the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference begins in Dubai. With COP28 taking place in the United Arab Emirates, just one year after COP27 in Egypt, the concerns of developing economies will be at the forefront of the global climate agenda.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Central Banker Report Cards 2023

For many central bankers, the central task of the past year has been to stabilize prices without sending the national...

Expert Perspectives

MENA’s Corporate Banking Innovator

Dubai’s Mashreq Bank is at the forefront of the MENA region’s banking transformation. Global Finance Founder and Editorial Director Joseph Giarraputo speaks with Mashreq’s Joel Van Dusen, Group Head of Corporate & Investment Banking, Amith Rajan, Head of Advanced Analytics (CIBG & IBG) & Data, and Tarek Al Nahas, Group Head of International Banking, about the bank’s corporate banking innovation and international opportunities.
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Innovating Corporate Banking to Drive Kuwaits Digital Transformation

Kuwait’s leading banking innovator, Boubyan Bank is transforming corporate banking with a fully digital one-stop corporate platform. Abdul-Salam Mohammed Al-Saleh, Chief Executive Officer, Boubyan Bank’s Corporate Banking, Financial Control, Treasury and Legal Affair, discusses the bank’s corporate banking strategy, market opportunities in transactional, trade and supply chain banking and commitment to serving as a digital transformation partner to corporates.