Logos & Licensing

Global Finance‘s awards, rankings and recognition programs are the trusted standard of excellence for the financial industry and are backed by a 37-year history of editorial accuracy and integrity. Global Finance’s corporate and financial audience relies on them because they are credible, reliable and have stood the test of time.

The reach and impact of Global Finance’s Awards extends far beyond its readership and the banking and financial sector. These awards are amplified locally, regionally and globally through social media efforts, traditional media coverage and the marketing and promotion campaigns of winning organizations. The distinction of being a Global Finance award honoree is a powerful marketing advantage every winner can and should use to stand out from and above their competitors.

Use of a Global Finance Awards Logo is one of the most powerful ways to amplify the status of an award’s distinction. Usage rights are available on a stand-alone basis or as part of larger marketing packages. Some of the ways Global Finance award winners have leveraged their status include:

• Recruitment and retention efforts

• Advertising

• Websites

• Investor relations information

• Conference and event signage

• Branch signage

• Promotional videos

• Internal communications

• Email signatures

• Social media campaigns

• Employee motivation programs

• Pitchbooks

• Stadium, airport and outdoor signage

• Press and publicity efforts

• Annual reports

Earning a Global Finance award also allows individual honorees as well as entire departments to stand out within their own organizations, leading to higher visibility across their industry sectors, improved staff retention and greater professional and personal recognition.

For more information or to obtain rights to use a Global Finance Awards Logo, please contact Chris Giarraputo at: chris@gfmag.com.

The unauthorized use of Global Finance logos is strictly prohibited.