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Economics, Policy & Regulation

The Caucasus: Pivot Points

Geopolitics and the Russia-Ukraine war are highlighting the potential of Georgia and Armenia’s expanding economies. Tbilisi, Georgia, will host the...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Bahrain: Looking For Buy-In

Bahrain has big plans for development, and investors are interested. But its geographic position is both a blessing and a...


Flexible Shifts Gain Traction

Since the end of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, flexibility appears to be the new normal. Even the distribution and manufacturing...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

South Africa: Overcoming Headwinds

South Africa, with the continent’s most diverse and sophisticated economy, retains its attractiveness as a top destination for international investors...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

MENA Grows Despite Instability

Despite many unexpected obstacles in the past year, economic growth in the Middle East and North Africa region continued. The...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

ESG’s Future In Asia

The global sustainability trend has hit a snag the last two years. In the US, the movement to incorporate environmental,...