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Emerging Markets After Covid

Emerging and developing economies will likely be hardest hit by Covid-19. Rebuilding will require addressing preexisting conditions as well as the new ones.

Country Report

Turkey: Investment Draw

Despite political unrest, and criticism from trading partners, Turkey continues to draw foreign direct investment. Can FDI help it return to economic expansion?


The Levant At A Crossroads

Levantine banks operate in fragile economies in a region facing severe upheaval. Some are finding a way through the chaos better than others.


Erdogan Backlash Emboldens Pro-West Politicians

September saw a further weakening in the governing AKP party’s once-unassailable hold on power in Turkey, with respected former Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan announcing he will establish a new pro-business, pro-West party, citing “deep differences” with the AKP, or ...