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Czechs, Poles, Seat Private-Sector Prime Ministers

Czech PM Babiš is an outspoken billionaire while the PolishPM, Morawiecki, is more of a technician, whonegotiatedPoland’s accession to EUbefore going on to chair Bank Zachodni WBK, part of the Santander Group.


The Levant: Sun Shines Through Clouds

Definedloosely as the region spreading from Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria in the northeast, and including Egypt in the southwest, with Cyprus off the shore, the Levant sees many points of lightdespite the current gloomy outlook.


Uzbekistan Comes In From The Cold

Since becoming president in December, Shavkat Mirziyoyevhas embraced the West, the IMF and the EBRDnormalizingrelations with the countryafter a 10-year freeze.

Country Report

Cyprus Rising

Cyprus is emphasizing sustainable growth and addressing problems such as high unemployment and nonperforming loans.

Country Report

Turkey’s Way Forward

With the presidential referendum finally over, Turkish business wants to see its government get back to probusiness reforms.