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Economics, Policy & Regulation

The US-China Paradox

Trade between the two countries is at an all-time high, yet signs point to decoupling.

Executive Interviews

Adapting In Record Time: Q&A With TomTom Vice President Fergus King

Fergus King is vice president of global supply chain for consumer products at TomTom, a mapping and geolocation-technology specialist. He offers an insider’s view of the semiconductor shortage, explaining why small brands get short shrift and reshoring doesn’t work.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Forging A New Supply Chain

The strains of the Covid-19 pandemic revealed weaknesses that must be addressed—but changing these complex interacting systems is not easy.


Innovation: A New Look

One of the most overused words in the business lexicon is often misunderstood: What is true innovation? Should it be a priority for all companies? And how can firms make it happen?


Executive Insights: Asia’s Culture Clout

Stuart Wood, a founding partner of design agency Missouri Creative in London, points to Asia’s rising cultural influence—from K-pop to TikTok—as a soft yet powerful facet of its 21st century leadership.


The Asian Century

With a major new trade deal, favorable demographics and relative success managing the pandemic, Asia is fast assuming global leadership. Has the “Asian Century” just begun?

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

What Future For SMEs?

With lockdown easing in many places, small and midsize enterprises can get back to business; but they face huge hurdles.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Credit Transparency

For better or worse, public companies must disclose their expected losses.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

European Renaissance 2020

Europe has a rich cultural heritage and helped to create the modern world, through industrialization and trade. But many are pessimistic about its future. Can the continent prosper in the 2020s?


The Green Imperative

Calls for a greener, fairer world are growing, and an increasing number of companies are realizing the value of mitigating the pursuit of short-term profits in favor of long-term systemic—and corporate—health.