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GW Platt Foreign Exchange Provider Awards 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic created some waves in the foreign exchange markets over the last couple of years, but the re-emergence of global inflation and inflation-fighting central banks has truly rocked the currency world this year.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

China: A Credit Rating Crisis For Property Firms

In 2020, the Chinese government acted to tamp down the sector’s exuberance with its so-called “three red lines” policy, designed to limit developers’ financing and control new debt-related risks.


China Mints Latest Stock Exchange

The opening of the Beijing Stock Exchange is a positive signal of the government’s intention to open its financial market to global investors.


China Reforms Bring New Funds

BlackRock received the license in June 2021 as the first foreign financial institution to operate a wholly owned China subsidiary, BlackRock Fund Management.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Peoples Bank Of China Tightens Cryptocurrency Regulations

Barring cryptocurrencies will prevent Chinese yuan from leaving China in the form of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, allowing the government to maintain control of its centralized fiscal and economic systems.