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Global Finances Central Banker Report Cards 2017

The Central Banker Report Cards, published annually by Global Finance since 1994, grade the central bank governors of 83 key countries and the European Union. The heads of the Central Banks of Australia, Honduras, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Paraguay, Russia, Taiwan and the United States received a prestigious “A” grade this year. In addition, the Central Bankers of Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Jordan earned “A-” grades.


Global Finance Grades The World’s Top Central Bankers 2014

NEW YORK, September 5, 2014 — Global Finance magazine has named the heads of the central banks of India, Israel, Malaysia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Taiwan as the World’s Best Central Bankers over the past year, in recognition of their achievement of an “A” grade on Global Finance’s Central Banker Report Cards. In addition, the central bankers of Chile, Colombia and the European Union earned “A-” grades.

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The Winners’ Circle: Central Banker Report Cards

THE A-GRADERS   By Kathryn Tully   Presenting the Winners’ Circle: A ranking of all the central bank governors who have received “A” grades over the history of Global Finance ’s Central Banker Report Cards—released as part of our 25 ...

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Central Banker Report Cards 2011: The Americas

The Americas Argentina Mercedes Marcó del Pont Grade: D When Argentine president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner appointed political ally Mercedes Marcó del Pont to head the central bank in February 2010, there was little hope the move would lead to ...

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Central Banker Report Cards 2011: Middle East & Africa

MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA Angola José de Lima Massano Grade: B The performance of Angola’s economy depends more on oil prices than on monetary policy. José de Lima Massano, former CEO of Banco Africano de Investimentos, was appointed central bank ...

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Central Banker Report Cards 2011: Europe

EUROPE Czech Republic Miroslav Singer Grade: B Miroslav Singer had just been appointed governor when we published our last Central Banker Report Cards, but he hasn’t wasted any time in giving his assessment on how the euro crisis could ...

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Central Banker Report Cards 2011: Asia

ASIA Australia Glenn Stevens Grade: A Glenn Stevens, governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, has a steady hand and clear policy views when it comes to making monetary decisions at the RBA. At its meeting in August, the ...

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Central Banker Report Cards 2011

MIRACLE WORKERS REACH END OF THE ROAD By Gordon Platt, Antonio Guerrero and Anita Hawser Boosting employment and production are the elusive goals of today’s central bankers. If it’s broke, fix it. Central bankers are taking on ...

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Features : Central Banker Report Cards 2009

During one of the toughest years on record, the world’s central bankers were tested as never before. Contributors: Gordon Platt, Antonio Guerrero, Anita Hawser and Dan Keeler It is clear that 2009 is not a year on which ...


Central Bankers Report Cards 2008

CENTRAL BANKER REPORT CARDS 2008 ANNUAL SURVEY/ CENTRAL BANKER REPORT CARDS Contributors: Antonio Guerrero, Anita Hawser and Gordon Platt History...