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Entry Preparation

To submit an entry, please provide the following information where applicable. It is not necessary to enter in order to win, but experience shows entries significantly increase the chance of success. In many cases, entrants are able to present information and perspectives that may not be readily available to the editors of Global Finance. Global Finance will consider activities from January 2023 through December 2023. There is no fee to enter.

1. Please provide an overview of your lab, hub or accelerator. Please address: 

• When was your lab founded? If in operation for less than a year, what month was it founded?

• Describe any affiliations. Is your lab the arm of a bank, a governmental entity or a consulting firm? Or is your lab a stand-alone organization?

• What, if any, types of innovations you specialize in nurturing?

• How many startups have worked with your organization?

• What  geographic regions you operate in? 

• How much financing have you provided/enabled for startups in your program (if applicable)?

• What type of workspace (if any) do you offer?  

2. In 500 words or less, please describe your program. If you applied for these awards last year, please be sure to note anything that has changed since your last application.

3. In 500 words or less, describe your financial stake in the startups you serve. How is financing provided? Through direct investment? Through relationships with partners? If you invest directly, how much of a stake in each startup do you receive in return?

4. In 500 words or less, describe your partner ecosystem, and mentoring/networking opportunities available to your startups — either from you directly or through these partners. 

5. Name the most important financial innovations to have come out of your lab, hub, incubator or accelerator in the last year. Discuss up to three. For each, please provide contact information for someone at the startup involved.  Please also provide links to any press releases or other media discussing these innovations. 

6. What do you think sets your organization apart from the other financial labs, hubs, incubators and accelerators now operating? What makes you special? Why do you think your organization merits an award? 

7. What other awards have you won?

8. Name/contact info -Please include your full street address, including the country and postal code, the phone number and email address that the general public can use to contact you, and the contact name, email and phone number for Global Finance reporters to reach you.

9. Name or host/sponsor & location of innovation center.

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