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Global Finance’s annual Foreign Exchange awards are named in honor of Gordon Platt, who passed away in late 2020 and was the driving force behind this program for many years.

Foreign exchange technology has revolutionized the way currency trading is conducted, making it more accessible, efficient and automated for both retail and institutional traders.. 

Recognizing this, Global Finance launched the FX Tech Awards in 2022. The program is open to banks, technology companies and fintechs who provide the tools, platforms and systems that facilitate the trading of currencies in the global foreign exchange market. 

The Gordon Platt Foreign Exchange Awards will also include Global Finance’s twenty-fourth annual Foreign Exchange Banks Awards. An exclusive report on the awards will be published in the January print and digital editions as well as online at GFMag.com.

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The reach and impact of Global Finance’s Awards extends far beyond its readership and the banking and financial sector. These awards are amplified locally, regionally and globally through social media efforts, traditional media coverage and the marketing and promotion campaigns of winning organizations

Winners are honored at Global Finance’s Best SME and Foreign Exchange Bank Awards.

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Award Date: November 15, 2023
Entry Deadline: October 2, 2023
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