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Economics, Policy & Regulation

Growing Pirate Party Channels Populist Fury

<strong>Iceland</strong><br /> The Panama Papers’ revelation that Iceland’s prime minister had offshore interests, including claims on Icelandic banks, caused outrage in this naturally volcanic island state.


Iceland Economy Back From The Brink

Iceland has recovered smartly from the worst recession in its history. Now it must keep inflation at bay—and that might require a monetary overhaul.


Personal Income Tax Rates

The OECD defines tax as a compulsory unrequited payment to the government. A taxable base is the base amount on which the tax rate is applied—such as corporate income, personal income, or property.

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Iceland Dismantles Last Of Restrictions Set From Economic Crisis

Milestones | Iceland Nearly seven years after introducing controls on capital movements, Iceland is planning to ease restrictions it put in place when the collapse of its banking system brought the country to the brink of financial meltdown.



The region battled continuing recession or, at best, slow growth, a tightening regulatory environment and country-specific banking taxes or fines for past misdemeanors.

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In our 21st annual survey, Global Finance identifies the best banks in 150 countries and eight regions. The winners are not always the biggest banks, but rather, the best—those with the qualities that corporations should look for when choosing a bank.

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A Climate of Risk

Weird weather presents major problems for supply chains, and 77% of companies believe climate change has the potential to significantly affect their revenue.

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Africa: Powering Up In Ethiopia

Iceland’s Reykjavik Geothermal will launch a $2 billion project in July to build a power plant on an imploded volcano in Ethiopia’s Rift Valley. The plant, slated to begin operations by 2020, will have a generation capacity of 500 megawatts of electricity.