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Economic indicators and data sets offering a full view of Chile’s economy, international trade performance and finance sector. With links to rankings of the country’s best and safest banks. Updated October 2023

Chile GDP Stands On Solid Ground

One of South America’s most prosperous nations, Chile is the world’s leading producer of copper and the second-largest producer of lithium. In addition to mining, Chile’s economy is bolstered by rich agricultural, fishery and forestry resources.

Chile’s flexible monetary, fiscal and exchange rate policies have facilitated numerous free-trade agreements. As a member of the OECD and the Pacific Alliance, Chile’s transparent business environment and strong institutional framework make it an attractive choice for foreign investors. Weaknesses include regulatory barriers, shortage of highly skilled workers, and relatively low export diversification.

Chile GDP & Economic Overview

Key Facts

Total Area 756,102 sq km
Type of Government Presidential Republic
Capital City Santiago
Seat of National Legislature Valparaiso
Total Population 20 million
Median Age 35.7
Total GDP USD 358 billion
Adult Per Capita Income (PPP) USD 35,463

Chile Banking & Finance

Banking & Sovereign Strength

Central Bank Banco Central de Chile
(Central Bank of Chile)
Currency Chilen peso [CLP}
International Reserves USD 37.4 billion
Sovereign Ratings S&P A
Moody’s A2
Fitch A-
Stock Exchange Bolsa de Santiago
(Santiago Stock Exchange)

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Chile's Leading Companies

Diversified Conglomerate Quiñenco Group, AntarChile
Mining & Chemicals Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile
Transport Latam Airlines
Retail Falabella
Finance Banco de Crédito e Inversiones

Chile Global Trade and Investment

Data Show Chile Debt Load To Be Among
Latin America’s Lightest

The chart at left compares Chile’s debt-to-GDP ratio to those of some of its neighbors as well as the regional average. It illustrates how the country has been successful at keeping its debt burden in line with its national productive capacity.

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International Trade

Total Exports USD 94 billion (2022)
Major Exports Copper, Fish fillets, Wood pulp, Pitted fruits, Wine
Major Trade Parters – Export China
United States
South Korea
Total Imports USD 112 billion (2022)
Major Imports Refined petroleum, Crude petroleum, Cars, Broadcasting equipment, Delivery trucks
Major Trader Partners – Import China
United States

Global Finance Rankings & Awards: Chile

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