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Large, Diversified Economy and Skilled Workforce

Projected to become the world’s third-largest economy behind the US and China by the end of this decade, India reaps the benefits of a vast and increasingly skilled workforce, swift industrialization and favorable shifts in global supply chains dynamics. Although its regulatory framework remains burdensome, recent reforms have improved the business environment by reducing foreign investment restrictions and simplifying tax provisions. While it boasts a highly diversified economy and exports ranging from oil products to agriculture and pharmaceuticals, India still relies on coal for about 70% of its power generation needs, posing significant challenges to the pursuit of sustainable development.

Key Facts

Total Area 3,287,263 sq km
Type of Government Parliamentary Republic
Capital City New Dehli
Total Population 1,436.51 million
Median Age 28.2 years
Total GDP USD 3,736,880 million
Adult Per Capita Income (PPP) USD 12097.23

Trade & Finance

International Trade

Total Exports USD 640,716 million
Major Exports Refined petroleum
Packaged medicines
Major Trade Partners – Exports United States
United Arab Emirates
Hong Kong, China
Total Imports USD 28,824 million
Major Imports Crude petroleum
Natural gas
Major Trade Partners – Imports China
United Arab Emirates
United States
Saudi Arabia

Inbound and Outbound Investment

India's Leading Companies

Multinational conglomerate Reliance Industries
Financial State Bank of India
Information technology Infosys
Industrial Tata Steel
Automotive Tata Motors
Mining Adani Enterprises

A Leader In Central Bank Digital Currencies

India’s central bank has been at the forefront of developing and deploying digital currencies.

Global Finance Rankings & Awards: India

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