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Includes historical data for Japan’s Gross Domestic Product growth, debt-to-GDP ratio and more, as well as information on trade, banking and financial sector leadership.

Economic Strength Due To State-Private Sector Collaboration

Much of Japan’s economic prosperity since the post-World War II era can attributed to the close cooperation between government and industry, which—coupled with a strong national work ethic—have transformed this country of about 125 million into one of the foremost global powers. With economic drivers such as advanced technology products, a thriving manufacturing industry, and a diverse service sector, Japan also benefits from a strong judiciary system and minimal levels of corruption, a favorable geographic location in a dynamic region, and numerous bilateral and international trade agreements.

However, Japan also faces challenges from global competition and domestic demographic shifts. Other weaknesses include inadequate corporate governance, complex labor laws and recruitment systems, and geopolitical tensions.

Macroeconomy & Sovereign Data

Type of Government Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Capital Tokyo
Sovereign Ratings S&P: A+
Moody’s: A1
Fitch: A
Total Population 124 million
Median Age 49.1
Adult Per Capita Income (PPP) 47,455.58
Total GDP (2023) USD 4.3 trillion

Japan GDP & Economic Overview

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Banking & Finance

Trade & Investment

Total Exports USD 824.8 billion (2022)
Leading Exports Crude Petroleum
Natural Gas
Integrated Circuits
Refined Petroleum
Total Imports USD 806.5 billion (2022)
Leading Imports Cars And Vehicle Parts
Integrated Circuits
General Machinery
Photo Lab Equipment
Construction Vehicles
Source: World Integrated Trade Solution

Japan Leading Companies

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Financials
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial  Financials
Mizuho Financial Financials
Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) Industrials
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) Telecommunication Services
Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) Technology, Electronic Equipment
Sony Group Corporation (Sony) Consumer Electronics

Major Trade Partners — Import

China 24.0%
United States 10.7%
Australia 6.8%
Other Asia 4.3%
South Korea 4.2%

Major Trade Partners — Export

China 21.6%
United States 18.0%
Other Asia 7.2%
South Korea 6.9%
Hong Kong 4.9%

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