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Includes historical data for Vietnam’s Gross Domestic Product growth, debt-to-GDP ratio and more, as well as information on trade, banking and financial sector leadership.

Reform Grows Economy, Throttles Poverty

Since embarking on a series of economic and political reforms in the mid-1980s, Vietnam has experienced an extraordinary transformation, transitioning from one of the world’s poorest nations to a middle-income economy in 2011. According to the World Bank, between 2002 and 2022 GDP per capita surged by 3.6 times, and poverty rates plummeted from 14% in 2010 to 3.8% in 2020.

Facilitated by government policies, foreign direct investment (FDI) played a crucial role in driving this progress. The investment appeal is further bolstered by a youthful and increasingly urbanized population, competitive labor costs and an expanding network of trade agreements.

Vietnam aspires to attain high-income country status by 2045. Yet, its investment climate still faces significant challenges, including the dominance of state-owned enterprises in key sectors, regulatory uncertainties and restrictive labor practices, as well as infrastructure deficiencies and fragilities in the banking system.

Macroeconomy & Sovereign Data

Type of Government Communist state
Capital Hanoi (Ha Noi)
Sovereign Ratings S&P: BB+
Moody’s: Ba2
Fitch: BB+
Total Population 101 million
Median Age 32.8
Adult Per Capita Income (PPP) 15,578.97
Total GDP (2023) 469.7 billion

Vietnam GDP & Economic Overview

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Banking & Finance

Trade & Investment

Total Exports USD 375.2 billion (2022)
Leading Exports Integrated Circuits
Clothing And Apparel
Broadcasting Accessories
Refined Petroleum
Iron Sheeting                                                                      
Total Imports USD 470.2 billion (2022)
Leading Imports Broadcasting Equipment
Integrated Circuits
Office Machinery
Source: World Integrated Trade Solution

Vietnam Leading Companies

Vietcombank Financials
Viettel Group Telecommunication Services
VinGroup Conglomerates, Consumer Staples, Real Estate, Health Care
Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) Energy, Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
Sabeco Consumer Discretionary, Beverages
Vinfast Consumer Discretionary, Automobiles

Major Trade Partners — Import

China 33.2%
South Korea 17.0%
Japan 6.8%
Other Asia 6.3%
United States 4.6%

Major Trade Partners — Export

United States 28.7%
China 16.7%
South Korea 6.5%
Japan 6.0%
Hong Kong 3.6%

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