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The Old Days Aren’t Coming Back

Central America and the Caribbean won’t revert to normal post-Covid. Digitization, diversification and infrastructure investment are contributing to a regional transformation.

Country Report

Ghana: Bracing For Contraction

With an election looming, Ghana’s economy grapples with a pandemic, falling oil revenues, a nagging fiscal deficit and the imperative to diversify.

Country Report

Portugal: On The Brink Of Recovery

The Covid-19 crisis derailed Portugal’s economic comeback. Can stimulus, fiscal prudence and an attractive climate for retirees get it back on track?


GCC’s Borrowing Binge

GCC-based countries are drawing down their foreign exchange reserves to protect their dollar pegs and tapping global debt markets for record amounts, along with corporates.


Navigating A Perfect Storm

Facing an economic crisis, GCC banks are looking to tech transformation and bracing for a second wave of mergers.