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Economics, Policy & Regulation

Venezuela: Deflation Strikes

Prices falling in Venezuela? Yes, for the moment. In February, President Nicolas Maduro’s ravaged economy saw its first month of...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Turkey’s Positive Prospects

Turkey bounces back following some historic lows—and with a new economic team in place. For the better part of a...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Aging Populations Transform Economies

How companies are adapting to aging populations around the world with new products, new personnel policies and new marketing tactics.   ...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Kuwaiti Banks Go Digital

The oil-rich emirate’s banks are also expanding across the Gulf region. With Kuwaiti lenders embracing new technologies through fintech partnerships...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Latin America: Welcoming Digital Nomads

More countries are seeing the benefits of having professionals who work remotely come for extended stays.  Puerto Rico’s Governor Pedro...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Nigeria: Treacherous Terrain

Nigeria’s diversified, resource-rich economy beckons investors. But in the absence of major reforms and an economic development agenda, direct and...