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Economics, Policy & Regulation

Germany: Last Nuclear Plant Shut Down

Germany's closure of its last nuclear power facilities amid potential energy shortages and rising prices due to the end of gas and oil imports from Russia.


Italy Temporarily Bans ChatGPT

French, German and Irish regulators contacted their Italian colleagues to better understand the basis of the temporary ban.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

France: Macron Pushes Through Pension Overhaul

The 2023 Social Security Financing Adjustment Law raises the retirement age from 62 to 64, with a requirement that the retiree has worked at least 43 years; otherwise, workers must wait until they turn 67.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Companies Face Tougher Standards

Silicon Valley Bank and other recently collapsed banks all received clean bills of health from outside auditors raising the question of whether accounting standards themselves need to be reformed.

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Sri Lanka: IMF Approves Bailout

Sri Lanka’s perfect storm of economic disaster started with the Covid-19 pandemic and years of government nepotism, corruption, and economic mismanagement ultimately led to a$50 billion default on foreign loans.