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UK: A Capital Of Islamic Finance?

On October 29, a little piece of history was made when the UK finally announced it would become the first Western country to issue a sovereign sukuk, or Islamic bond.


Islamic Trade Finance: New Silk Road Getting Crowded

SPECIAL REPORT: ISLAMIC TRADE FINANCE By Anita Hawser Islamic trade finance is of increasing interest, but whether it will be successful depends on market forces. Shariah-compliant trade finance is an ancient tradition with a long history of supporting economic activity ...


Corporate Social Responsibility

COVER STORY: CORE VALUES Companies at the cutting edge of corporate responsibility are weaving their citizenship efforts into the strategic heart of the business. By Dan Keeler In the decade or so since the phrase "corporate social ...


Responsible Corporations Gain Protection

MILESTONES: UNITED STATES Responsible Corporations Gain Protection By Denise Bedell Safekeeping: New law will protect companies’ ethical goals For companies that aim to always be socially and environmentally minded, achieving growth without giving up that goal can be ...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Features : Desperate Measures

SPOTLIGHT CORPORATE FRAUD Crumbling asset values and wild volatility have left a trail of disaster in their wake. They also exposed some truly shocking frauds.     Abbey: “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is” In ...

Sustainable Finance

Milestones : Business Schools Promote Responsibility

UNITED STATES     Greening finance: Social and environmental ethics will form part of business curriculums. A burgeoning global movement to reshape corporate behavior by weaving corporate social responsibility principles into business school teaching got a boost last month. At ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Features : A Mission To India

HEALTHCARE CHARITY Global Finance charity partner Amrit Davaa spent two weeks in India providing healthcare to children at a remote orphanage and to locals. Editor Dan Keeler accompanied the medical team on its mission.     Dr Becki Giusti checks ...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Features : Hot Topic Or Hot Air?

INSIGHT / CARBON OFFSETTING Carbon emissions reduction is an increasingly important aspect of any global corporation’s operations. But working on reductions and investing wisely in offset projects is a critical element of that.     Companies are increasingly looking to ...