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UAE Heads To Space

The Arab world’s first spacecraft underscores the UAE’s drive to give a new direction to its youthful population.


Small Is Beautiful

Encouraged by government stimulus programs, banks are finding new ways to finance SMEs. Once the economy recovers, will the surge of interest recede?


Morocco Plots Its Comeback

The government unveiled an ambitious economic recovery package. But with a flagging tourism industry and declining FDI, worries persist.


The Anglophones Are Coming

Companies based in English-speaking Africa are investing in their Francophone neighbors, with tech companies leading the way.


New Visas For The New Nomads

In recent weeks, Barbados, Bermuda, Estonia and Georgia have announced new extended-stay visas for individuals who earn their income abroad.


A Far Reach

Despite the best efforts of innovators and regulators, ubiquitous open banking might still be a ways off. Can the Covid crisis help to jump-start it?


Cloud Cover

The last of the big three public cloud-service providers has reached Qatar, bringing coverage to the entire Middle East region.