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Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Alternative Financing Comes Of Age

Fintech is fueling a boom in innovation, offering CFOs an array of new ways to access capital. For years, alternative...

Economics, Policy & Regulation

The Latest Supply Chain Crisis

Recent attacks by Yemen’s Houthi rebels in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden are forcing marine cargo carriers...

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

A New Frontier For CFOs

The current levels of foreign exchange volatility represent a challenge that today’s younger CFOs have never seen before.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

New Rules For Lease Accounting

CFOs are finding the scrutiny of new accounting rules is helping them streamline their lease management and save money, but there are challenges.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Pandemic Math

Most companies around the world are being profoundly affected by Covid-19, and the impact on financial reporting and control is significant.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Survival Preppers

Whether a business comes out of the pandemic stronger or not depends on savvy planning—plus a good bit of luck.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Public Enemy Number One

Defending against cyber-risk is the future for boards, auditors and finance executives, say regulators. It’s expensive, resource-intensive—and unavoidable.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Accounting For Cryptos

The fast expanding cryptocurrency market urgently needs accounting guidance. But powerful bodies like the IASB are still figuring it out.