The 2014 Global Cash 25 Ranking

Our list of the Top 25 Global Public Companies By Cash On Balance Sheet.

The full report—which will appear as part of the Treasury & Cash Management Supplement in September—will feature an in-depth exploration of the latest trends in corporate cash management, based on data from 70,000 listed public companies worldwide.

The Global Corporate Cash Survey—the only one of its kind that provides data on companies worldwide—will evaluate corporates by their returns on cash invested in the business through capital investment and M&A, kept on balance sheet, and returned to investors.

It will also look at the large cash reserves held by companies in “tax haven” destinations and evaluate how they are investing that cash, what investment products are available in those markets and whether tax havens ultimately offer the best return for companies—particularly as rates begin to rise—and as countries such as the US look to tighten their tax stance on corporate cash held offshore.

See, below, the full list of the Global Cash 25.

And look out for the full report in our September issue, which will also feature data on the Top 10 Cash-Rich Public Companies By Region, and our listing of the Global Top 10 Public Companies By Long-Term Marketable Securities.