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Global Finance’s Innovators Award Program honors the organizations at the vanguard of new ideas, products and services in the financial sector. Recent history has proven the importance of adaptability and innovation in finance, and those that have been most inventive have been most successful.

Global Finance’s Innovators Awards honor banks and fintechs from seven global regions—as well as the innovations themselves—original new products and services across multiple sectors and categories. 

• The Most Innovative Financial Institutions and the Most Innovative Financial Technology Companies globally. Entries Encouraged But Not Required

Global Top Financial Innovations—the past year’s groundbreaking financial industry developments worldwide. Entries Encouraged But Not Required

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Award Date: April 16, 2024
Entry Deadline: February 9, 2024
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• The Most Innovative Financial Institutions and the Most Innovative Financial Technology Companies in the following regions: Africa, Asia- Pacific, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, North America and Western Europe. Entries Required

Regional Top Financial Innovations in the regions listed above. Categories for consideration include but are not limited to: platforms, partnerships, ecosystems, mobile banking, UX (user experience) design, M&A, corporate bonds, payments, sustainable finance, financial inclusion, regtech, corporate lending, cash management, and Islamic finance, as deemed appropriate by the review committee. Innovations do not have to be technology-based. Entries Required

Global Finance’s awards and recognition programs are the trusted standard of excellence for the financial industry. They are backed by a 37-year history of editorial accuracy and integrity. Global
corporate and financial audience relies on these awards because they are credible, reliable and have stood the test of time. 

Winners are published in the July/August print and digital editions, as well as online at

In past years, winning organizations have been honored at awards ceremonies held in New York, London and Dubai.

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