Features : The World’s Best Emerging Market Banks, 2005

In the 12th annual Global Finance survey of the worlds best emerging market banks, we honor those banks that consistently provide excellent service and security in often-tumultuous markets.


In the dynamic world of emerging market banking, the past year has been an exciting one. Change is taking place at unprecedented speed, with established regional titans tightening their grip on their chosen markets and many smaller banks, with canny use of new technology or through audacious dealmaking, carving out ever-growing regional niches.

Many formerly local banks are reaching across borders with acquisitions and alliances that are transforming them rapidly into regional powerhouses. Almost across the board, revenues are up and profits are up. The banks that really shine in this years survey are adopting new technology, leapfrogging their competitors and providing their customers with state-of-the-art facilities and services. Increasingly, corporations and consumers in emerging markets around the world are able easily to access the same levels of service that were only recently reserved for bank clients in developed markets.

As always, the winners of this years emerging market banks awards are not necessarily the biggest or the most visible, but they are those that can best help their clients make the most of the vast opportunities available in the worlds diverseand sometimes confusingemerging markets.

With input from industry analysts, corporate executives and banking consultants, Global Finance identified the banks that adhere to high standards of corporate governance and possess the imagination to succeed in a challenging environment.

Our criteria included growth in assets, profitability, strategic relationships, customer service, competitive pricing and innovative products.

Contributors: Gordon Platt, Laurence Neville, Paula L. Green and Santiago Fittipaldi

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