Features : World’s Best Treasury Providers

Global Finance selects the best treasury and cash management banks, globally and by region, and the best providers of treasury management systems and services by category.

With companies casting their nets further afield for growth opportunities, there is increasing pressure on treasury and cash management providers to invest in global processing capabilities, innovative technologies and people that can smooth the way for companies wanting to do business in new markets. As a handful of truly global cash management banks compete for customer business with regional and domestic banks, servicing customers needs is a question not only of size but also of the ability to continually innovate, to customize solutions to suit local requirements, and to provide an on-the-ground presence backed up by in-depth knowledge of local markets and regulations.

In the following pages Global Finance picks the banks and treasury management software providers we believe have successfully combined geographic diversification with product innovation, investment in technology, as well as local and customer knowledge to meet the needs of their diversified customer base. Winners were selected using a range of subjective and objective criteria such as investment in new and innovative technologies, depth and breadth of product offerings, market leadership, competitive pricing and geographic spread.

This year where appropriate we have also treated Africa and the Middle East as two separate regions in recognition of the different local market conditions and the level and maturity of treasury and cash management services that prevail in these markets. And as our list of winners demonstrates, the provision of treasury and cash management services is not just about scale or Web-enabled cash management platforms that span multiple jurisdictions but also about the ability to be a truly local provider, with a strong branch presence and in-depth knowledge of local market conditions, particularly in the more challenging developing markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, where customization, not a generic level of service, is key.

The Treasury Management Systems & Services awards now include 11 categories in recognition of the growing role non-bank providers play in terms of the provision of higher levels of transparency, connectivity and inter-system communication to help companies better manage their business, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Anita Hawser

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