SIBOS 2012



By Denise Bedell

More companies than ever are now connecting directly to their banks and counterparties via the global SWIFT messaging system—970 corporates worldwide, at last count.

That figure may seem small, but these are the companies that are leading the pack—using best practices within their organizations to drive efficiency, improve working capital management and make best use of ever–more–scarce treasury and finance resources.

And with the imminent release of SWIFT’s Alliance Lite2—its second generation of Web-based corporate connectivity—it will be even easier for companies to use SWIFT directly to interact with counterparties, rather than connecting through their banks.

With the Sibos financial technology conference—hosted each year by SWIFT—fast approaching, we present our annual Sibos Preview, a look at some of the key developments over the past year for corporates using SWIFT and the Sibos conference topics that we believe will be of key interest to corporate treasurers and CFOs.

Denise Bedell

Managing Editor

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