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Features: Banking on Russia

ANALYSIS Deft maneuvering is helping Russia’s banks dodge the fallout from the credit crunch, but significant risks remain—particularly for smaller banks and their customers.     While the crises at UK mortgage lender Northern Rock and US investment bank Bear ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Features: Credit crunch? What credit crunch?

CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE Despite continuing political upheaval, many countries in Central and Eastern Europe are more concerned about reining in their buoyant economies than surviving the global economic downturn.     Although the politics in Warsaw may be "noisy," ...

Award Winners

Features : Central Banker Report Cards 2007

ANNUAL SURVEY / CENTRAL BANKER REPORT CARDS Individually, many of the world’s leading central bankers seemed to be in disarray after the subprime debacle began to unfold in mid-2007. As a group, though, they acted with remarkably unity. The central ...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Cover Story : Living On The Edge

CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE   The EU’s newest members struggle to balance growth with stability.   Prague's stock exchange is one of many in the region that are attracting foreign investors. Despite recent political maneuverings by Russian president Vladimir Putin, ...


Cover Story : United Front

CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE Turbulent times:Demonstrators in Romania in 1989 seize control of a tank Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Features : Open Season

STARS OF THE NEW RUSSIA Russias attempts to broaden its economic base away from a resource-driven model are proving as...

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Features : Borrowing Requirements

SECTOR REPORT/ SECURITIES LENDING Hedge funds are driving rapid growth in demand for securities lending in global markets. Van Grinsven:...