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Kyrgyz Republic

Includes historical data for Kyrgyz Republic’s Gross Domestic Product growth, debt-to-GDP ratio and more, as well as information on trade, banking and financial sector leadership.

Mineral And Energy Exports Central To Economy

A landlocked mountainous nation nestled between China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the Kyrgyz Republic, or Kyrgyzstan, is a mineral-based economy, with gold, mercury and natural gas as its primary exports. In recent years, the country has implemented market reforms to diversify its economic base and attract foreign investment through projects in tourism, information technology, hydroelectricity, and other sustainable growth industries.

Yet, it still faces hurdles, including a lack of administrative transparency, a fragile banking system, and regulatory inconsistencies that undermine investor confidence. Additionally, Kyrgyzstan also faces weaknesses such as vulnerability linked to its economic reliance on Russia and China, and a large share of informality in the labor market.

Macroeconomy & Sovereign Data

Type of Government Parliamentary republic
Capital Bishkek
Sovereign Ratings S&P: Not rated
Moody’s: B3
Fitch: Not rated
Total Population 7.1 million
Median Age 23.9
Adult Per Capita Income (PPP) 8,477.54
Total GDP (2023) USD 13.7 billion

Kyrgyz Republic GDP & Economic Overview

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Banking & Finance

Trade & Investment

Total Exports USD 23.1 million (2022)
Leading Exports Refined Petroleum
Clothing And Apparel
Broadcasting Equipment
Total Imports USD 1.5 billion (2022)
Leading Imports Gold
Float Glass
Precious Metals
Kidney Beans
Refined Petroleum
Scrap Copper
Dried Fruits                                                                      
Source: World Integrated Trade Solution

Kyrgyz Republic Leading Companies

KomBank Financials
Kyrgyzconsumoir bytbyt OJSC Consumer Staples
Kyrgyz Telecom Telecommunication Services
MegaCom Telecommunication Services
Kyrgyz Railways Transportation, Freight & Passenger Railways
Kumtor Gold Company Materials, Metals & Mining

Major Trade Partners — Import

Russia 34.3%
China 26.1%
Kazakhstan 11.9%
Türkiye 5.8%
Uzbekistan 5.9%

Major Trade Partners — Export

United Kingdom 53.1%
Kazakhstan 12.3%
Russia 11.7%
Uzbekistan 8.2%
Türkiye 3.7%

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