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United Kingdom

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A Sophisticated Banking System

A thriving hub for business, the United Kingdom offers a favorable environment conducive to trade and investment. With an open economy, a large and high-spending consumer market and a wealth of skilled professionals, the country also boasts sophisticated banking and insurance services, robust infrastructure, a transparent tax system, as well as cutting-edge enterprises in the aeronautics, pharmaceuticals and automotive sectors, among others. The United Kingdom also faces challenges. Among them are high public and household debt, inflationary pressures, trade disruptions and economic uncertainties stemming from Brexit.

United Kingdom GDP & Economic Overview

Key Facts

Total Area 243,610 sq km
Type of Government Parliamentary constitutional monarchy; a Commonwealth realm
Capital City London
Total Population 68.122 million
Median Age 40.1
Total GDP USD 3,846,930 millions
Adult Per Capita Income (PPP) USD 53,911.71

Trade & Finance

International Trade

Total Exports USD 752,364 million
Major Exports Cars
Gas turbines
Crude petroleum
Packaged medicines
Major Trade Partners – Exports United States
Total Imports USD 460,243 million
Major Imports Cars
Natural gas
Crude petroleum
Packaged medicines
Major Trade Partners – Imports China
United States

Inbound and Outbound Investment

Data Shows the United Kingdom’s Debt Load To Be Heavier Than Europe’s Average

The chart at left compares the United Kingdom’s debt-to-GDP ratio to the regional average. It illustrates how the country has struggled at keeping its debt burden in line with its national productive capacity.

UK's Leading Companies

Oil Shell
Bank HSBC Holdings
Oil British Petroleum
Mining Rio Tinto
Consumer goods Unilever
Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology AstraZeneca

Global Finance Rankings & Awards: The United Kingdom

Global Finance Magazine holds several conferences and awards ceremonies throughout the year to recognize the winning financial institutions and companies in a host of categories including World’s Best Trade Finance Banks, World's Biggest Banks, World's Safest Banks, World's Best Developed & Emerging Markets Banks, World's Best Internet Banks, and World’s Best Investment Banks.

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