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Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Performance And Pay

A new SECseeks to align CEO and close collaborators’ compensation with corporate results.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Central Banker Report Cards 2022

After years of easy money, central banks are tightening up—some more quickly than others. Global Finance grades their performance in the face of the past year’s rising inflation.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Rising Recession Risk

Central bank rate-hiking may bring on a recession, unemployment and debt defaults. Some say that’s just the price of suppressing inflation.

Sustainable Finance

Commodity Storm

War and weather highlight the vulnerability of supplies critical to humanity’s future—especially food staples and the metals for renewable energy.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Surfing The Oil Wave

As the Ukrainian conflict blows up, the GCC economies hit the jackpot.

Economics, Policy & Regulation

Swift’s Sticking Power

Despite emerging alternatives, the network power of Swift makes it tough to remain in the global financial system and avoid sanctions.

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

Globalization’s New Puzzle

International trade remains robust, even as the world’s multinationals reshore, near-shore and otherwise reshape the interlocking pieces.


The New Space Race

Private companies take a growing role, as innovations and data needs expand the sector.