A Turbulent Year

Editor Andrea Fiano's monthly letter to you, the reader.

DECEMBER 2020 | VOL. 34  NO. 11

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This is our last editorial of 2020—a very turbulent and dramatic year around the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected—is still affecting—all world economies, and the impacts are still being assessed. Covid-19 is the top item on the agenda of President-elect Joe Biden in the US, as it is for most world leaders, for 2021. Successful vaccination is the biggest variable in every future scenario.

This year’s special Outstanding Crisis Leadership feature celebrates companies and financial institutions that excelled in response to the pandemic. Our cover story on corporate reputation—an increasingly important intangible asset—talks about how crisis response impacts public perception. This issue also presents our annual private banking and digital bank awards, where vitality and creativity were stimulated by the pandemic.

Our own contribution to crisis leadership takes form this month in a donation of 10% of revenue for this issue to the UN Covid-19 Solidarity Fund, established to support the World Health Organization.

Andrea Fiano | Editor