Cover Story : Emerging Markets 2006

Global Finance Surveys The Prospects For The Markets That Are Fast Becoming The Engines Powering Global Growth.


In this special issue we find out what is in store for the worlds emerging markets over the coming year. After a year in which many regions saw explosive growth, expectations are high, both among investors and working in these fast-expanding and dynamic markets.

In Asia, for example, a new breed of tiger economies is emerging that are snapping at the heels of the more established markets such as Thailand and Singapore. Former Soviet Union states are on a tear, too. Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, for example, are all expected to be top destinations for inward investment in the coming years.

In stark contrast, several Latin American nations are heading into a potentially difficult year that will most likely be marked by political upheaval and economic turbulence. Many African nations are also facing considerable challenges as they attempt to attract inward investment.

As part of this report, we are publishing the first ever Global Finance Emerging Market Rankings, which we present on a fold-out map within the special report. The rankings aim to identify, using a combination of relevant criteria, which countries are most likely to present growth opportunities in the near futureand to help potential investors pinpoint those markets that should be approached with caution.