Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet

Editorial reviews:

Lucid, quietly urgent, and relentlessly logical… this is Bigthink with a capital B.
The New York Times Book Review

Jeffrey Sachs never disappoints. . . . This book is an excellent resource for all those who want to understand what changes the twenty-first century may bring.
Kofi Annan, winner of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize and former secretary-general of the United Nations

Common Wealth explains the most basic economic reckoning that the world faces.
Al Gore, winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize and former vice president of the United State

Product Description:
In Common Wealth, Jeffrey D. Sachsone of the worlds most respected economists and the author of The New York Times bestseller The End of Poverty offers an urgent assessment of the environmental degradation, rapid population growth, and extreme poverty that threaten global peace and prosperity. Through crystalline examination of hard facts, Sachs predicts the cascade of crises that awaits this crowded planetand presents a program of sustainable development and international cooperation that will correct this dangerous course. Few luminaries anywhere on the planet are as schooled in this daunting subject as Sachs, and this is the vital product of his experience and wisdom.