Enter Global Finances World’s Best Foreign Exchange Provider Awards 2020 And Fourth Annual Corporate FX Awards

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In January 2020, Global Finance will publish its selections for the twentieth annual World’s Best Foreign Exchange Providers Awards and the fourth annual Corporate FX Awards. Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the review process by submitting an entry today.

Global Financewill honor the Best Foreign Exchange Providers in more than 100 countries and seven regions, and the Best Providers of FX research. In addition,Global Financewill name the Best Banks for FX Trading Technology. The full list of awards categories can be found on the attachments below.

The 2020 survey will also include the fourth annual Corporate FX Awards.Companies are strongly urged to submit entries in the appropriate categories. Companies may also collaborate with their banking, exchange and other FX provider partners to enter. Either submission approach will greatly increase the chance of getting the recognition you deserve.

Global Finance’s Foreign Exchange Awards Dinner will be held in London at RSA House on November 19. The global elite of the Foreign Exchange sector will celebrate as the winning organizations are revealed publicly for the first time.