Eureeca, the first global equity crowdfunding company, with offices in London and Dubai, received regulatory approval from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority to operate in Britain.

The go-ahead means early-stage businesses and small and medium-size enterprises in the United Kingdom can use the platform to connect with investors in the Middle East. Likewise, businesses in the Gulf seeking to expand their operations in Britain will be able to sell stock on the site.

Bubblekickz, the first UK business to offer shares on Eureeca, is seeking to raise $135,000 from the masses. The company runs bubble soccer matches, in which players wear inflated plastic bubbles and—not surprisingly—bounce off each other. The event organizer’s website currently offers a link to the crowdfunding platform.

Eureeca won’t be offering its services in the US anytime soon. The company was cited in November 2014 by the Securities and Exchange Commission for failing to prevent unaccredited investors from purchasing securities on the site.