Foreign Exchange Risk Management White Paper – May 2011

Foreign Exchange Risk Management

Never before have global companies been so exposed to currency market volatility and the risks associated with it. Left unmitigated, market volatility can increase costs and compromise profits. But with an effective risk management strategy, market volatility can be harnessed to create opportunity and a key competitive advantage for your business.

Our Risk Management White Paper provides a comprehensive overview to help you learn the basics:

  • Reduce currency exposure
  • Control costs and protect profits
  • Seize market opportunity

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Never before have global companies been so exposed to currency market volatility and the risks associated with it. As supply chains stretch around the globe, more companies are venturing farther into foreign markets, buying and selling goods in places long considered out of reach for all but the largest multinationals. These international ventures often generate spectacular opportunities for business growth and financial prosperity, but they can also expose companies to significant and potentially damaging foreign exchange risk.

In this highly uncertain and rapidly changing economic environment, a solid currency risk management framework can drastically reduce the possibility of surprising losses, make cash flows more predictable, and provide a competitive advantage against other firms that leave themselves exposed to currency volatility.

Ultimately, a strong currency risk management strategy can help to provide the foundation for success in markets around the world – helping the best businesses to survive and thrive on a global scale.