Global Finance And Partners Give For Global Health

A message from the editors of Global Finance magazine.

Last month, Global Finance was proud to recognize excellence in crisis response among those in our global financial community, entities that made exceptional efforts to support their countries and all of their stakeholders, in the face of the pandemic.

Impressed by their efforts, we committed to making a contribution of our own to the cause of global health, and to creating a vehicle by which our partners could participate.

Toward that end, Global Finance pledged 10% of all revenue from the December issue to the UN COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Additionally, we are giving 10% of January revenue related to crisis coverage to the fund.

The preceding pages detail some of the ways these funds are being put to use by the WHO and its partner organizations. This page shows the range of the effort—from vaccine research to basic sanitation to critical supplies of food, medicine and equipment. 

We wish to thank and commend all of our partners who joined in making a financial commitment to global health. Let us hope 2021 sees many safe and effective vaccines—and the return of our freedom to be together not just in solidarity, but in person.

—The Editors