From The Winners @ SIBOS 2014

Global Finance honored the winners of its 2014 Transaction Processing Awards at a ceremony on Oct. 1, 2014 at the Harvard Club in Boston, MA during SIBOS 2014.

Our editors interviewed representatives from winning organizations at the event and on the conference floor. READ MORE>>


In The News At Sibos 2014

As the dust settles from Sibos 2014, delegates may be asking if they missed anything essential. Here are some of the key announcements to emerge during the event:  READ MORE>>



Sibos 2014: It’s A Wrap

At this year's event held in Boston, there seemed to be a greater sense of urgency among the banks about the need for change.  


Trade Documentation Solutions To Drive EM Trade Growth

From a product perspective, a key area of commitment is related to trade documentation: “We have been active in this area for many years and it is undergoing transformation. I am convinced that BPO [bank payment obligations] will have success…" READ MORE>>



Asian Treasurers Match Strategy To Action

The increasing sophistication of Asian corporate treasuries to buoy the rapid development of Asian companies is a message that has been growing in resonance in recent years, and it is once again a topic of discussion at this year’s Sibos conference.  READ MORE>>


Seeing Opportunity In Obstacles

“Global Transaction Banking is the fastest growing unit in Société Générale,” says Christian Behaghel, head of GTB at Societe Generale. “It is a very stable business, and while we generate something like 6% of the total revenue of the bank, we are experiencing growth of our revenue of 10-15% a year.”   READ MORE>>

Trade Finance Goes Digital

This year’s Sibos event is set to see a greater focus on the use of technology to support trade. Since the launch of the Bank Payment Obligation (BPO), and the publication last year of the Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligation (URBPO) by the International Chamber of Commerce, adoption of the new instrument has been gradual. READ MORE>>


What Corporates Want

As this year’s corporate forum at Sibos gets underway, what topics are corporations particularly focusing on? This year’s line-up includes a discussion around corporate-to-bank connectivity and the associated challenges.  READ MORE>>


Disruptors: Mobile Money And Digital Currencies

The Future of Money is once again a key theme of SWIFT’s annual Innotribe startup competition at this year’s Sibos conference in Boston. It dominated a number of discussions on the first day of the conference, and cryptocurrencies were in the spotlight.  READ MORE>>

The Future Of Banking—Italian Style

“Honestly I am here more to learn than for any other reason. And to understand what the banking system can become,” notes Antonio Patuelli, president of the Italian Banking Association, discussing SWIFT’s Sibos conference in Boston. READ MORE>>


5 Minutes w/ Joy Cave, VP & Treasurer, FM Global

Global Finance spoke with Joy Cave, vice president and treasurer of international property insurer FM Global, about how the firm measures and manages relationships with its transaction banking partners and how that has changed in light of market and regulatory developments in recent years—both key topics of discussion for corporate treasurers attending SWIFT’s Sibos conference in Boston this week.  READ MORE>>

Treasury Technology Branches Out

Having the right technology is a key requirement for corporate treasurers—but increasingly companies are looking for their technology vendors to provide additional services beyond the system itself. The evolution of technology is set to be one of the key focus points at this year’s Sibos corporate forum. READ MORE>>

Counterparty Risk In The Spotlight 

What has really changed since the global financial crisis first hit? Four years after the Dodd Frank Act was enacted in the US to help stem another bank crisis, one of the primary causes of the meltdown remains a serious concern. READ MORE>>


Transaction Banks Launch Internal JVs With FX

In the lead-up to SWIFT’s Sibos conference in Boston, I sat down with a number of the world’s leading transaction banks to get their take on how the banking markets are changing and what it means for corporates. READ MORE>>



Treasury In An Integrated World

SWIFT’s Sibos conference is certainly the place where banks and financial services firms showcase their solutions and meet clients—both during the conference and at the trade show. And in the Corporate Forum, one of the conference streams which will take place on October 1 and 2, the focus is even more precise. READ MORE>>

The Rise Of Intra-Day Liquidity Monitoring

Key topics at SWIFT’s Sibos conference in Boston will include the growing adoption of multibanking solutions—not only by the world’s largest corporations, but also by midcap companies, according to Andre Casterman, global head of corporate and supply chain markets at SWIFT. READ MORE>>