Interviews from SWIFT’s 2013 Sibos conference in Dubai

Patrick Gutmann, Ecobank

The Group Head of Transaction Services discusses Sibos and the single technology platform the bank has rolled out for corporate customers.

Diane Reyes, HSBC

The Global Head of Payments and Cash Management on the heightened interest among clients on going global–and how that has raised the stature of the corporate Treasurer.

David Cruikshank, BNY Mellon

The Executive Vice President and CEO of Treasury Services talks about the positive sentiment at the Sibos conference in Dubai. It marks a big change from last year’s event, he says.

Brendan Farrell, Executive Vice President of SunGard’s XSP business

The Executive Vice President of SunGard’s XSP business talks about the welter of new regulations facing SunGard’s corporate clients.

Arun Jain, Polaris Financial Technology

The Polaris Chairman and CEO on the rising demand for trade finance products in the US and Europe.

Darryl Twiggs, SmartStream

The Executive Vice President of Product Management on the increase in demand for SmartStream’s products as a global economic recovery starts to kick in.