AFP 2012 – Mobile Banking: Real Risk Or Overhyped Compliance Headache?

Treasurers will need to get their security message out quickly, according to the findings of a new survey out by Treasury Strategies and Fundtech. The survey, polling treasurers at over 200 global corporates, looked at demand for multichannel—meaning desktop, tablet and smartphone—access to banking services. It found that 43% of corporate respondents were already using more than one channel for treasury information and service access, and that will rise to 60% over the next year or year and a half. Plus, a whopping 78% felt being able to get treasury information and transaction services consistently across all channels is either extremely or very important.


Time to ramp up your security, and the security message to transaction banks. See our piece on cybersecurity for just what constitutes best of breed multichannel security.