Reader’s Choice | Top 5 Data Stories For 2017

Readers were looking for data driven stories in 2017 and we delivered.

1) The Richest Countries in the World

March 2017: What is the most common attribute amongst the world’s wealthiest countries as measured by GDP per capita (adjusted for purchasing power parity) in 2016? As becomes clear from Global Finance’s 2016 “Top Ten” list, it helps to have large reserves of hydrocarbons or other natural resources. 

2) Poorest Countries in the World

February 2017: All these extremely fragile and underdeveloped economies have either recently been through a civil war or are suffering from ongoing sectarian or ethnic conflicts. 

3) The World’s Best Cities to Live In 2017

September 2017: Our combined index, based on three best cities lists from Economist Intelligence Unit, Mercer and Monocle, ranks the world’s top 10 most livable cities.

4) Countries With The Most External Debt in 2017

November 2017: Here is the list of countries that owe the most to foreign creditors in 2017. The United States leads, followed by the Euro area and the United Kingdom lead the list.

5) Countries With Highest GDP Growth 2017

October 2017: Developing Asian and African countries lead with fastest GDP growth in the world. Panama takes the first position among countries from the rest of the world, despite its economic slowdown.