Outstanding Crisis Leadership 2020: Distinguished Leadership

Companies and banks that responded with exceptional programs and initiatives.

OPTIONS CLEARING CORP. (OCC)—For clearing record numbers of contracts in volatile markets and matching $100,000 in employees’ charitable contributions.

ORBIAN—For uninterrupted supply-chain finance support services and providing funding for buyers and sellers.

PITNEY BOWES BANK—For use of customer data to proactively reach out with helpful services.

ABK-EGYPT—For customer financial-relief efforts and providing food for daily laborers.

AKBANK—For creating a fund to support public hospitals in Turkey.

BANCO PINCHINCHA—For its leadership in the creation of Ecuador’s Sumar Juntos trust.

BANCO SANTANDER MEXICO—For financial support for the development of the convalescent plasma protocol.

BANCOLDEX—For financial tools and support for companies throughout Colombia.

BANCOLOMBIA—For debt relief and special credit lines, as well as construction of intensive care units (ICUs).

BANGKOK BANK—For relief packages for SMEs and retail customers, and support for food banks.

BANISTMO—For supporting a home-care program for patients in Panama with Covid-19.

BANK OF PALESTINE—For creating an innovative digital platform for donations, with a daily prize for using its mobile app.

BIL—For coordinating the response of the banking industry in Luxembourg and introducing an electronic signature.

BPI PORTUGAL—For donating more than 525 tablet computers so hospitalized Covid-19 patients could talk to loved ones.

CB BANK MYANMAR—For donating medical supplies to public hospitals and feeding 22,000 members of the Myanmar Theatrical Association.

CIBC—For making 665,000 client calls and approving 52,000 loans under Canada’s Emergency Business Account program.

COMMERCIAL BANK OF CEYLON—For developing a fleet of mobile banks with ATMs during the lockdown.

CWB FINANCIAL GROUP—For its mental-health and wellness support for employees of Canada Western Bank.

EUROBANK—For its active support of the Greek public health system, including equipment for ICUs.

HABIB BANK—For full coverage of Covid medical expenses for staff, plus meals for medical workers and daily laborers in Pakistan.

KOMERCIJALNA BANKA AD SKOPJE—For donating PPE to the Ministry of Health in North Macedonia.

MASHREQ—For UAE’s first national fraud awareness campaign.

MILLENNIUM BIM—For donating the funds from its canceled 25th anniversary celebration to fighting Covid in Mozambique.

NATIONAL BANK OF BAHRAIN—For donating food and necessities to thousands of migrant workers.

NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPT—For opening a donation account to support Egypt’s doctors, nurses and university hospitals.

NCB FINANCIAL GROUP JAMAICA—For purchasing ventilators to equip the ICUs of hospitals in Caribbean countries.

OTP BANKA—For aid to hospitals in Croatia that were damaged by the March 22 earthquake in the Zagreb area.

PRIME BANK—For partnering with five NGOs to raise funds for underprivileged communities in Bangladesh.

PT BANK DANAMON INDONESIA—For working with government agencies, hospitals and health clinics to benefit more than 35,000 people.

RAIFFEISEN BANK INTERNATIONAL (RBI)—For supporting hospitals and healthcare workers throughout the CEE

SANTANDER POLSKA—For its Poland-wide fundraising for medical equipment for hospitals and PPE for frontline workers.

SEB LITHUANIA—For introducing an e-commerce tool for businesses and adding helpful functions to its mobile app.

VUB BANK—For opening 8,000 free accounts, improving digital services and purchasing ventilators for hospitals in Slovakia.