Top Global Finance Stories Of 2020

As we wave goodbye to 2020, Global Finance presents the most popular stories from throughout the year. Click the underlined story title to read the article.

Most-Read Features

1. Globalization 4.0

Rising discontent among citizens around the world has led some to repudiate global integration. Will the world go back to raising walls between nations?

2. Nvidia Founder’s Ambitions Grow

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is about to complete the company’s transformation from niche maker into the valuable chip manufacturer in the world.

3. Lebanon’s New Deal

A close-up look at how Lebanon and its banks reached the edge of the cliff—and the tough choices they need to make to step back from the brink.

4. A Giant Enters Transaction Banking

Banking giant Goldman Sachs is vying for a small but solid footprint in a fragmented market.

5. The New Money Era

Central bankers seem to be changing their minds about the potential of digital fiat currencies.

Most-Read COVID-19 Coverage

1. Emerging Markets After COVID-19

2. Italy’s “Surreal” Conditions Prompt Lamborghini Stoppage: CEO

3. COVID-19 Bankruptcies: A Global Snapshot

4. Islamic Finance Confronts Global Pandemic

5. Virus Won’t Stop Asia’s Middle Class

Most-Read Interviews

1. Shanker Ramamurthy, General Manager Strategy and Market Development – Industry Platforms at IBM

On the breathtaking speed of today’s technologies and what it means for business.

2. Anu Bradford, the Henry L. Moses Professor of Law and International Organization at Columbia Law School and a director for the European Legal Studies Center

On why the EU is uniquely positioned to lead in setting global standards.

3. Nemeh Sabbagh, CEO of regional powerhouse Arab Bank

On current challenges and opportunities as the bank reaches its 90-year milestone. 

4. R. Edward Freeman, Professor of Business Administration at the Darden School at the University of Virginia

On stakeholder theory and business ethics.

5. Nicolas Aguzin, CEO of J.P. Morgan’s International Private Bank

On post-pandemic wealth management.