The Treasury Revolution

Tiffany’s Treasurer on regs: Don’t give me a question mark

Michael Connolly says financial regulations aren’t an issue for the treasury staff at the luxury jeweler. Financial regulations that lack clarity? That’s a different story.

DuPont’s Grier: Beyond credit ratings

The vice president and Treasurer says ‘robust’ analysis helps DuPont management determine where to take exposure from the company’s banking partners–and when to steer clear.

Campbell Soup’s Madhavan: Counterparty risk ‘front and center’

But the company’s treasurer says some traditional gauges of risk, particularly credit ratings, are often ‘after-the-fact.’ To stay ahead of events, he says he weighs a number of technical factors, along with a not-so-technical factor: His own experience.

A credit facility with 18 banks? CA’s treasurer explains

CA Technologies’ Navneet Govil says the software company has good reason for including a slew of banks in one line of credit.

RBS’s Oldale: KYC rules aimed at banks, hitting customers

Julian Oldale, head of international cash management solutions at RBS, says the raft of know your customer requirements is making it a whole lot harder for corporate treasurers to open accounts.