Why Globalization Works (Yale Nota Bene)

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A distinguished international economist here offers a powerful defense of the global market economy. Martin Wolf explains how globalization works, critiques the charges against it, argues that the biggest obstacle to global economic progress has been the failure not of the market but of governments, and offers a realistic scenario for economic internationalism in the post-9/11 age. For this paperback edition, Wolf provides a new introduction to update the debate.

Splendid. . . . The definitive treatment of the subject, and an absorbing read.Economist
Accessible and clearly argued. . . . A wealth of material on every page.Bruce Bartlett, Wall Street Journal
“[Written by] one of the worlds most respected economic journalists, . . .this elegant and passionate defense of trade liberalization is essential reading.”Arvind Panagariya, Foreign Affairs
“A powerful book.”Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post
No one has summarised more coherently the recent, voluminous research. . . . Elegantly and persuasively, Wolf marshals the facts.Niall Ferguson, Sunday Telegraph
A necessary and compelling read for all who want to understand the logic of unfolding events.Robert Skidelsky, New Statesman