Features : Global Custody Buyer’s Guide

Global Custody Buyers Guide 16th Annual Buyers Guide

Wafer-thin margins, unrelenting competition and ever increasing demands from clients are themes that recur year after year in the custody industry. So much consolidation has taken place over the past decade and service providers have expanded their product offerings so dramatically that pure custody is now only a relatively small part of the global custodians business. The large global players, which together manage assets in excess of $40 trillion, now dominate an industry whose remit has expanded to the point where it now has a role in almost all areas of corporate finance. In what is truly an example of the survival of the fittest, the players that now consider themselves true global custodians are those that fought the hardest to ensure they remained at the cutting edge of technological developments. The range of services they can now provide, enabled by technology, is remarkable. In positioning themselves as asset servicing companies they are oiling the wheels of global commerce, providing corporations with the capabilities to efficiently manage money and assets around the world. Just as importantly, they are enhancing companies ability to track their assets and to employ them efficiently.