Editor’s Letter: A Chain Reaction

Dear Reader

NOVEMBER 2009 | VOL. 23 NO.10

Dan Keeler


In this months cover story we find out how companies are working to reduce their environmental impactand their cost baseby greening their supply chains. With one eye on potential future regulations that will put a price on carbon emissions and one eye on simple cost-benefits, companies are looking at how they can source raw materials and parts closer to homeor to their eventual marketsand to use only suppliers that are reliably evaluating their own environmental impact.

Such efforts demonstrate how far the corporate world has come in integrating the concept of sustainable business into day-to-day operations. Not so long ago, even bringing awareness of the long-term benefits of environmental and social awareness into the boardroom seemed a near-impossible dream. Today, such considerations are at the top of corporate agendas. There is still a long way to go before truly sustainable business is the norm, but the progress made so far is laudable.

Until next month.