Polls & Stats: Corps Adapt Global Investing Strategies

While overall levels of investment have remained stable, there have been dramatic changes in how investment is distributed between regions and countries around the world, as companies seek to adapt their corporate footprints to new opportunities and operational risks emerging across the globe…Costa Rica [this years top destination by jobs per million inhabitants] has received considerably higher levels of foreign investment in business services and life sciences. Jamaica is fourth as a result of a large business process outsourcing (BPO) investment, while Singapore experienced a decline of more than 30% and is now sixth.

Global Location Trends: 2013 Annual Report, IBM Global Business Services

Top Ranking Destination Countries By Estimated JobsPer Million Inhabitants, 2012 & 2011


Note: Countries with less than 1 million population were excluded from the analysis

Source: Global Location Trends: 2013 Annual Report, IBM Global Business Services

From GFMag.com Global Economic Database

The World’s Richest Countries, Based On Gross Domestic Product (PPP) Per Capita 2009-2013


Note: Figures are estimates after 2011, except Norway (2012) and UAE (2009)

Source: GFMag.com Global Economic Database, IMF